Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Living in the White.....

Well it has happened again, another nut job went and attacked innocent citizens living in the white....
In case you do not know what I am talking about, some theater patrons in Aurora, Colorado thought they were going to watch the latest Batman movie were attacked by a madman wielding several guns and some sort of smoke grenades. (Notice I did not call him a "Gunman". Just because you have a gun you are not a "gunman" anymore than owning a guitar makes you a musician.)

These people were all in condition white, completely unaware that a goblin (or "joker" in this case), at any moment, could ruin their day.
It is not their fault really, we are told by the media and those in positions of authority that the police will be there to "Serve and Protect", but where were the Police on that night?
The fact is the Police cannot always be there, even when they are there they have no legal responsibility to protect anyone (see the SCOTUS ruling on this).
We should always strive to be in condition yellow, ready to do battle at any moment, for our security is our own responsibility. This is not to say that we need be armed at all times, or that we have to have our head on a swivel. It means, picking the right times to see a movie (1 am is prime goblin time), sitting in the most defense-able position in the theater and acting IMMEDIATELY at the 1st sign of danger.

Now the calls for Gun Control can be heard again, and again we will have to battle with nit wit hoplophobes who hold a misguided belief that outlawing guns will somehow make us safe from bad guys (keep in mind these are the same bleeding hearts who fight for shorter prison sentences for repeat offenders).
We could argue the points until we are blue in the face, but let me save us all some time. Anyone who holds this belief is wrong, DEAD WRONG. We cannot make our streets safe and remain a free and open society. With freedom comes a certain level of danger, also freedom makes responsibility a necessity, responsibility for your safety.