Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Politics

Rather than have my readers wonder what my thoughts are or paint me as a right wing nut job, I thought I would give you a run down on where I stand on the issues (I realize this is a bit narcissistic, but isn't that what blogging is all about? :)

Big Government: I guess you could call me an anti-Federalist, big government is dangerous to our union and must be reeled in.

Taxes: Let's bring an end to the "temporary" Income Tax, it is nobody's business how much money you make, nor should we disincentive people from making more money. Also We should revise the property tax code so that once you reached a certain term (30 years) you no longer owe property taxes...

Abortion: Nobody likes abortions, and outlawing them will not stop them. We should get both sides to agree to end unwanted pregnancies and abortion will become a "non-issue"

Gun Control: Gun control is less about guns and more about control. The hoplophobes who beat that drum are insane, irrational and a waste of oxygen. Guns don't kill people, they are incapable of action.

Environmentalism: Environmentalism is the new church for the left. This cult requires absolute compliance and agreement. These people did not pay attention in science class and now science has become political...not good.

Health Care: You and me and everyone else alive do not have a "right" to health care. If we really want to fix the problems with health care we need tort reform. More on this later...

Education: Like everything, if you want excellence, you need competition. We should institute school choice. A voucher system that would make the public schools compete for your money.

Immigration: Certainly we cannot end all immigration, but if we don't put an end to the constant tide of illegals coming across the border, we may as well name our selves Latin America. More on this later...

Gay Marriage: The biggest threat to the sanctity of marriage is not the homosexuals, it is divorce. Let them get married, we all deserve the opportunity to be miserable (just kidding honey). Seriously, why not let them get married? Churches will still be able to decide who gets married within their walls. Besides if the Catholic Church can approve of child molestation, why not the gays?

Drugs: While I wouldn't advocate Heroin be legalized, certainly marijuana should be made legal. The potential tax benefits alone make it an excellent argument. Besides when was the last time you heard of a person high on mary-jane shooting up a shopping mall?

Crime and Punishment:  I am tired of hearing about a sex offender or axe-murderer getting out of jail because "we don't have the room". We need to keep dangerous people locked up period.

Religion: I have never had much use for religion, not that I wont protect your right to practice it, I'm just more of a man of science than faith.

Pornography: Pornography has existed as long as man has had an imagination, I'm sure the second thing early man drew (after the Wooly Mammoth) was a naked cave woman. While there is some sick stuff out there, I am far more worried about our kids seeing violence towards humans than full frontal nudity.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello world, it's me

After years of debating at cocktail parties, complaining to friends and family preaching my thoughts to the walls and defending Western Culture. I have finally decided to start sharing my "wisdom" with the world. I'm sure this will probably prevent me from running for President...but oh well, I'm too busy anyway.

I should probably start with an explanation for the title of my blog. To Ride, Shoot Straight & Speak the Truth is the title of a book by Jeff Cooper (a man who I hold a great deal of respect for and will be quoting often). The actual statement dates back to the great Kings of Persia. Who gave instructions that their sons be taken away from the palace and work as common men. They should have no luxuries and most importantly learn to ride like Cheiron, shoot like Apollo and always speak the truth.
They (as did Cooper) believed that struggle and hard work build character & compassion. Two things every leader should possess.

In my blog I will be discussing politics, weapons, women and the occasional adult beverage.  I will be quoting the works of Cooper, Reagan, Nugent, Fitzroy, Roosevelt (Teddy not his commie cousin) and others. If your tastes tend to run a little more towards concrete (I'll explain later), never fear, I will be entertaining and enlightening at the same time.

Feel free to post a comment, but remember this is my blog.... :)