Sunday, August 26, 2012

An Iranian Fire Drill in Manhatten?

We have yet again another incident in which the Police (you know the ones who take an oath to "serve and protect" the public) use the "spray and pray" technique of pistol shooting.
In New York's midtown Manhattan neighborhood (in the vicinity of the Empire State Bldg), a man approached his former employer with a gun and a desire to get revenge for his recent freedom from employment.

Said cops (two of them) show up and fire 16 shots between the two of them and place seven on target. Where do you suppose the other 9 shots landed? Well, this is New York, one of the most crowded concrete neighborhoods in the world. The cops successfully hit 9 bystanders. That is right!, they had a 100% success rate! Now you might say that it was not successful because they did not INTEND to hit the other nine people....they just were not as proficient with their deadly tools as they should be. Could you imagine hiring a carpenter who could only hit 7 of the 16 nails he was aiming for? No other professional would be allowed an excuse like this. I will finish with the immortal words of the late Col. Jeff Cooper:

"Family member Dr. Werner Weissenhofer reports from Vienna. It seems that a felon armed with a 357 revolver robbed a bank. As he left the bank, he was accosted by a policeman whom he murdered with one shot. Great excitement ensued, with the felon taking hostages and racing madly around from one store to another. When the forces of law and order had been mobilized and surrounded the goblin, a policeman volunteered to trade himself to the goblin for two hostages. This offer was accepted, at which time the felon fired at the policeman and seriously wounded him. The forces of law and order opened up with everything they had, which was mostly AUG and Glock fire. Shortly, the goblin killed himself with one round. He had fired three times and achieved three hits. The police, according to their official report, fired 1,261 rounds without drawing blood.
At one time, we used to refer to an event of this sort as a "Chinese Fire Drill." Later we came to call if "Father's Day in Harlem." After the interment of the Ayatollah Khomeini, we began to call it "An Iranian Funeral." Now, I guess we can call it "A Viennese Bank Robbery."
As I have often stated, if someone wants to shoot at me, I sure hope he does it on full-auto"