Friday, December 28, 2012


Since the recent shootings the hoplophobes have been turning over every rock looking for a legitimate reason to remove guns from American society, one of the more recent justifications is: evolution. We know that most hoplophobes are progressives (leftist, commie) and we know that most of the progressives believe in evolution, but to claim that we have "evolved" to the point that we no longer need the means to defend our selves from other humans is ridiculous at best.
Let us first look at the statement as recently written by a hoplophobe: "haven't WE evolved to the point that we don't need guns?".
I am only guessing that by "WE" she means white anglos, That white, progressive anglos have evolved to the point in which they will no longer hate, discriminate or unjustly treat others. This is pure and simple racism.

I reject this notion, but let's break down who still needs guns.

During the reign of the communists in China, more than 60 million Chinese dissidents were killed by their own government.
During the years that followed the Bolshevik revolution, the communists in the Soviet Union killed more than 20 million people who didn't believe in Marx' idea of utopia.
Of course we cannot fail to mention the Nazi's, who gassed, shot and stabbed an estimated 6 million Jews, blacks, mentally disabled and disgruntled people during what is now called the "holocaust." 

The Ottoman Empire killed hundreds of thousands of Armenians, Greeks and Christians during the 1st World War.

How many Native Americans were killed during the various wars and skirmishes with the tribes?

Perhaps this person meant that we have evolved since the early & middle part of the 20th century? 
Well Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge killed 2 million Cambodians from 1974-1979 (Google the term "The Killing Fields"). 
Perhaps the genocide that occurred during the Chechnyan war, the Kurds that Saddam killed in Iraq, the war in the Congo, civil wars in Africa...all of these in the later part of the 20th century.

May I also remind everyone that prior to 1865, blacks were considered to be less than human and were owned as chattel in this very country.  So the answer to the question is: No, we have not "evolved" to the point in which we can trust our fellow humans to have our best interests at heart.

Guns in the hand of free people, insure that they remain free. Nothing else will provide this measure of insurance.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gun Control? The dead have not even been buried yet...

Well, we've had another shooting, a particularly heinous one. An elementary school of all places.
Another nut job who should have been euthanized (or at least incarcerated in a padded cell) before he reached adolescence has seen fit to kill 20 kindergarten aged students along with some teachers and administrators and before the blood had dried, before we even learned the shooter's name and circumstances, the hoplophobes began beating the anti-gun drum again.
We freedom lovers of course came to the defense of the Constitution and in doing so are being told we are callous and ruthless.  We have no soul they say. 
The media immediately pounced on the opportunity to push their anti-gun agenda, and went on to accuse the pro-gun crowd of "politicizing" a tragedy! 
Those people calling for gun control to stop these attacks are the same people who were calling for gun control yesterday, the day before that and the day before that. The already have their agenda and it is not to stop these attacks, it is to remove what they feel is a blight on the Constitution: the Second Amendment.
Now, had the left asked for a meaningful conversation that included such topics as: Judicial reform, sentencing reform, incarceration reform, funding for mentally disturbed people, locking up mentally disturbed people. The pro-gun crowd would welcome the discussion, but no, that is not what they are asking for. They only want to take our guns.
So it will be up to the Right Wing to find a solution as the misguided Left continues to see the problem as misunderstood people who shouldn't have access to weapons, when instead these "misunderstood people" shouldn't have access to other people.