Friday, February 27, 2015


You can tell a lot about a person's agenda by their words and actions.
When a person decides to support one initiative over another, we simply need to look at what they are trying to accomplish and what steps they are taking, then look at what they are NOT advocating to accomplish their goal.

Let's start with Anthropogenic Global Warming. I am not going to say that the Earth will not be getting warmer. There are numerous reasons the Earth is going to get warmer.

1. We are still coming out of an Ice Age that began millions of years ago (look up the definition of an Ice Age if you don't believe me). Any 3rd grader can tell you that when an Ice Age ends, it gets warmer and the ice melts.

2. The Earth is slowly getting closer to the sun. Every year the Earth's orbit comes a little bit closer to the's called gravity (you can look that one up too if you want).

3. The Earth has had warming and cooling cycles throughout its 4.5 billion year history, we have no reason to think these cycles have ended.

OK, so let's suspend the facts for a brief moment and assume that the Earth will be getting warmer because of man generated CO2 (please do not call it man made CO2, man did not invent CO2, every molecule of carbon & oxygen on this planet was here before man walked on two feet).

If CO2 were causing global warming (oh excuse me I mean
"climate change"....), why are the chicken littles on the left not asking for the government to plant more trees? Why are they not demanding big business to invent a machine that traps or converts CO2 back into Oxygen???

Instead they demand the 3rd world countries not use their resources to become industrialized. Instead they tell us not to drive our RVs or SUVs (while they fly private jets and ride solo in stretch limousines to accept awards for telling us what to do). Instead they try to market a new form of currency (carbon credits) which do nothing except redistribute wealth.

That my friends is EXACTLY what the Global Warming scam is all about..CONTROL! The leftists want to institute communism (for a variety of reasons I have covered before) and will attach themselves to any cause that will advance it. Global Warming, Climate Change, Hole in the Ozone Layer, Spotted Owl, whatever it is...they want to control business.

Next item: Voter ID laws....Now those on the left will tell you that by supporting Voter ID laws you are some how racist or that you don't care about the poor.
In reality, those that favor Voter ID laws only want a fair, legitimate election. So the left will fight Voter ID laws....while at the same time giving away free health care, free food, free money, hell they even give the poor and down trodden free CELL PHONES!...Why have they not advocated free Government IDs? Reasonable people know that you CANNOT engage in ANY business in this country without an ID.....hell some states even stop and ask for IDs to make sure you are not an escaped felon or illegal alien. You can't drive, you can't fly, you can't even buy a bus ticket without ID. You can't get a bank account, cash a check or apply for welfare without ID. Most importantly you cannot get a JOB! 
Of course we know the left want to increase the amount of people on the government dole....all apart of their communist agenda.

So how are these "poor" people surviving? The only people I would think that don't have an ID are those living on the street, the vast majority of those people are not in their right mind and probably shouldn't  be voting anyway (do you want want a crack addict, alcoholic or mentally deranged person choosing who will be President?) besides I doubt these people give two shits about who is in office, they just want their next hit or pint.

So the left doesn't advocate free IDs for the poor, which would be a minor cost. So what does that tell us about the their real agenda? It tells us that they would like to be able to fix elections, and one way to accomplish that is to prevent voters from having to identify who they really are.

Gun Control.....but its for the children! I have gone over this in multiple posts, but the lack of cries from the left for more prisons, more parole offices, ending parole and probation, more and better rehabilitation tells you one thing: The left is NOT concerned with crime and criminals, instead they are concerned about the rest of us being armed. Gun Control has less to do about guns and more to do about CONTROL. Like above, if they ever hope to institute communism in America, they will need to prevent those us of us who understand how communism works from stopping them.....
So to institute their will they will find ways to redistribute the wealth (global warming, taxes, welfare), take over the media (already done), take away the guns (they are working on it) and remove any obstacles to fixing the elections (Voter ID laws).

This is just a sampling of some leftist causes...I could go on all day.

So the next time a leftist opens their mouth about a subject they claim to care about....take a look at what they are not advocating will give you a clearer picture of their real agenda.

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